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What to Expect

Please drive up and around to the back and park in visitor parking. This is actually the first floor, as the lower floor is the ground floor. If you park in visitor parking on the ground floor, you will have to take the elevator or stairs up one floor. Come in the public access door. Suite 111 will be to the right. Please let the receptionist know that you are here for a meeting with Markell Estate Planning. Typically, the first meeting with us does not take over an hour.

We will discuss your estate planning needs and tailor a plan that is fit for you. Before the meeting is over, we will show you, in writing, what our flat fee will be. Typically, we ask for half of the payment due before we begin services. It is a good idea to bring a credit card or checkbook with you in the event that you elect to use our services.

One final note: it is a good idea to bring along all of the decisionmakers. If you have a son or daughter that you want to appoint as your power of attorney or executor of a will, please invite them. Involving them in the process early leads to a much better result.