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Protecting Your Legacy
With Estate Plans

We make it easy to think about planning for the future and protecting your legacy. Creating a will or trust can help you make important decisions that can protect your assets and provide for your family after you’ve passed away.

Stop Worrying About What Will Happen

An estate plan will detail all of your wishes.

  • Will and trust creation
  • Asset Protection
  • Power of attorney documents
  • Family succession planning
  • Probate avoidance


“Markell Estate planning & Elder Has been and will continue to be the go-to group for our families Estate and financials advisors. The group has been great to work with, giving great Advice and implementation of the ideas that have Allowed our family to explore options that we had know idea even existed. This was completed with Personal touch and followup that you would only expect from a family member. They have also been very knowledgeable and helpful converting a number Business plans into a more manageable estate. I highly recommend them!! Dan Campbell”

Practice Areas

Elder Law
Probate Medicaid

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future

We start with a free consultation. We take time to understand your situation We answer your questions We explore all your options

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future