estate planning

Protecting Your Legacy
With Estate Plans

We make it easy to think about planning for the future and protecting your legacy. 

Creating a will or trust can help you make important decisions that can protect your assets and provide for your family after you’ve passed away.

Stop worrying about what will happen

  • Will and trust creation
  • Asset Protection
  • Power of Attorney documents
  • Family succession planning
  • Probate Avoidance


Every family needs a roadmap for the future. Courts use wills to determine how to distribute a person’s assets at death. Our firm can custom design a last will and testament to ensure that there are no doubts as to your intentions after you pass away. 

Wills require a number of formalities in order to be valid. It is important that you consult with a licensed attorney in order to ensure that your documents will withstand judicial scrutiny. 


Families are complicated. If you have a blended family, a child with special needs, or other unique circumstances – a trust may be for you. 


Trusts are documents that govern the distribution of assets after death without the involvement of a probate court. Trusts can save families the costly and time consuming process of administering a will. They also allow the settlor the power to control their money for years after their death. 


Talk with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys to find out if a trust could help you accomplish your goals.

Power of Attorney

Sometimes our loved ones need assistance in managing their affairs. Through the execution of a valid Power or Attorney, a friend or family member can make financial or healthcare related decisions on behalf of another person. 


These documents are critical in the event a person is incapacitated. Through consultation with one of our attorneys, we can design a plan that will protect your interests.

Beneficiary Deeds

The family homes is often the most important asset we have. After death, transferring title through a probate court is time consuming and expensive. 


You can avoid the hassle of probate by executing a beneficiary deed. A beneficiary deed is a revocable document which can transfer ownership of a house at death to a designated person. These deeds are inexpensive and easy, and they will save your family’s time and money.



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