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We Plan Today For Your Tomorrow

With us on your side, you can trust that you are in the hands of caring and experienced representation.

We Prioritize Giving Our Clients The Attention They Deserve​


Markell is NOT a full service law firm.

We leave the “we do everything” to the mega-firms charging the highest hourly rates. We’re about focus … and if it affects your legacy or your business, it’s in our wheelhouse.
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Who ever heard of a law firm emphasizing value?

We have. That’s the Markell way. It’s about delivering effective professional legal solutions for our clients with a predictable fee. It’s not only uncommon, it’s an uncommon value.
You’ll be surprised by the quality of our interaction, but not by your bill. This is why our clients insist that we’re the best legal partner they could ever imagine!


As a small business owner and entrepreneur you are constantly weighing risks in day-to-day business decisions.
We get that!
As business lawyers, that is exactly how we can help you with careful assessment and helping you to reduce and manage your overall risk exposure.

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