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Markell Estate Planning And Elder Law

With us on your side, you can trust that you are in the hands of caring and experienced representation.

Estate Planning

Your legacy is important. Legal jargon can be intimidating. We’ll use terms you will understand so you won’t be left in the dark.


If your loved one didn’t create an estate plan before they passed, we will help you through the probate process.

Elder Law

Seniors face their own unique set of legal issues. It’s important to work a firm experienced in representing clients in later life.


Sometimes a loved one needs more protection than you have the authority to provide. Our firm will help you obtain the necessary court orders to protect their interest in all situations.

Wealth Management

We ensure that everything you have worked to build over your lifetime is preserved.

Business Succession

We can help you find the right people to take over your business, and protect it’s interests.

Special Needs Planning

We can help you ensure your loved one always has the care they need.

Medicaid Planning

We can help minimize the impact caring for elderly relatives have on your family’s finances by helping your loved one qualify for Medicaid

We Prioritize Giving Our Clients The Attention They Deserve​


We are NOT a full-service law firm!

We only do estate planning, elder law, and probate. These areas of the law are distinct from each other but closely related and somewhat interdependent. Simply put, this is what we do all day, every day. Because of this focus, we bring an extremely high level of knowledge and focus to the table and provide our clients with exceptional value.
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Speaking of value…

Our firm is unique because we don't charge by the hour! We quote fixed fees based on the amount of work that needs to be done. No surprises, no hidden fees, no-nonsense. Nobody wants to call their law firm and wonder how much it will cost them. With our firm, you never will. We always see projects through to the end, even if it means extra time with a client that we can't bill.

Estate Plans That Work

Did you know that most estate plans just don’t work?

Estate planning is more than just an assortment of documents - it's a complex puzzle that should be carefully put together by an experienced law firm. If your estate plan doesn't do everything you want it to, it may not be effective. Beware of firms that focus on selling you documents and not a comprehensive plan; there is no magic book and those “plans” usually fail to achieve a client’s goals.

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