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The death of a loved one is an emotional challenge

Probate is a dreaded word, but with us on your team, you don’t need to worry.  We have extensive experience dealing with the probate courts in Missouri.

With you every step of the way

Many questions arise as to how the decedent’s affairs will be handled and what the exact role of the surviving family may be. We understand the pressures that come with taking care of an estate. At Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law, we will guide you through the often tedious and complex probate process and grant you peace of mind that the matter is being handled correctly and efficiently.

Our office will be with you every step of the way, from the initial filing of the petition, to appointment of a personal representative, to locating estate property, through final distribution to heirs, and providing the court with final accounts.


“My wife and I was pleased to have the Markell Estate & Planning team prepare a living trust for us. I thought it would be complicated but turned out to be a simple process. Joe and his team explained how it worked and what needed to be done. They spent time preparing the the appropriate documents and helping us do our part. And there was a very quick turn around time to get everything accomplished. We highly recommend their their services.”

Practice Areas

Elder Law
Probate Medicaid

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future

We start with a free consultation. We take time to understand your situation We answer your questions We explore all your options

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future