medicaid planning

The further you plan ahead,
the more options you have

Caring for our elderly relatives can be expensive. The average cost for nursing home care in the St. Louis metro area is $8,500 a month! We can help minimize the impact this will have on your family’s finances by helping your loved ones qualify for Medicaid.

Find the best, most affordable options

We’ll help your family find the best and most affordable options for obtaining Medicaid.

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides payment for medical care for persons unable to afford to pay. Medicaid covers physicians’ services, hospital care, supplies and other necessary services once a person has been made eligible for the program. It also pays for the expenses of long term care in a nursing home.


Medicaid is considered to be one of the most complex laws of the United States and, further complicating matters, each state has a different version of Medicaid. 


Our Elder Law attorneys have carefully studied the Medicaid statutes and regulations and have been actively practicing in this area for years and are able to assist clients in this often complex and overwhelming process. Call for a free consultation today!



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