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The further you plan ahead, the more options you have

Caring for our elderly relatives can be expensive. The average cost for nursing home care in the St. Louis metro area is $8,500 a month! We can help minimize the impact this will have on your family’s finances by helping your loved ones qualify for Medicaid.

We help families find their best and most affordable option for obtaining Medicaid

We offer a range of services, such as protecting assets in an Irrevocable Trust, to dividing assets between a community spouse and the spouse that needs care, to spending down assets in the correct manner to ensure there are no problems with qualifying.


“Knowledgeable, thoughtful, responsive and caring. Dawn was generous with her time and answered my questions over the phone. Should I need to hire a law firm, this is definitely where I will go. I feel at peace knowing they are the experts in Elder Law and Estate Planning. I will look no further.”

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Elder Law
Probate Medicaid

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future

We start with a free consultation. We take time to understand your situation We answer your questions We explore all your options

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future