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Protecting Your Legacy With Estate Plans

We make it easy to think about planning for the future and protecting your legacy. Creating a will or trust can help you make important decisions that can protect your assets and provide for your family after you've passed away. Many people think that estate planning isn't necessary until later in life, but it's an important step for your family's protection.

Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law can help you create a will or trust. Our firm will help you plan for tomorrow. If you're in need of estate planning services in St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren, or Lincoln counties in Missouri, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Medicaid Planning

Care for our elderly relatives can be expensive. The average cost for nursing home care in the St. Louis metro area is $7,000 a month. We can help minimize the impact this will have on your family’s finances by helping your Mom or Dad qualify for Medicaid. We offer a range of services, such as protecting assets in an Irrevocable Trust, to dividing assets between a community spouse and the spouse that needs care, to spending down assets in the correct manner to ensure there are no problems with qualifying.

Special Needs Planning

Many of our clients have children with special needs. Whether it is autism or learning problems or genetic challenges, a special needs child needs to be cared for and protected. We have strategies that will ensure that your special needs child is taken care of after you are gone, while protecting your assets so you can pass on a legacy to all of your children.

Elder Law

Our senior clients have to face a number of unique legal challenges. Whether you’re seeking support for yourself or for a loved one, you need a qualified lawyer on your side for assistance. If you live in St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, or Warren counties in Missouri, and are looking for reliable legal counsel and representation, contact Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law today.

Our firm can help you or a loved one:

  • Understand and apply for Medicaid

  • Create an estate plan for your family’s future

  • Find new guardianship for their children

It’s our number one goal to protect the elderly inside and outside of the courtroom. With a commitment to personalized legal service, our firm would be proud to advocate on behalf of you and your loved ones. Call Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law of O’Fallon, MO as soon as possible to speak with an attorney for your case in the St. Louis area.


Probate is a dreaded word, but with us on your team, you don’t need to worry. We have extensive experience dealing with the probate courts in Missouri. Many questions arise as to how the decedent's affairs will be handled and what the exact role of the surviving family may be. We understand the pressures that come with taking care of an estate. At Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law, we will guide you through the often tedious and complex probate process and grant you peace of mind that the matter is being handled correctly and efficiently.

Our office will be with you every step of the way: from the initial filing of the petition to appoint a personal representative, to locating estate property, distributing such property to heirs, and providing the court with final accounts. If you're in St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren, or Lincoln counties in Missouri, please contact our office today for more information about the probate system and how we may assist your needs.

Wealth Management

Minimizing Taxes Associated with Wealth.

We create strategies to eliminate or minimize the amount of taxes your heirs will pay. These include:

  • Apportioning assets among trusts, LLCs, Closely Held Corporations, and charitable giving

  • Estate tax strategies

  • Organizing Your Investments

We help you to analyze and transfer your investments into the appropriate vehicles in order to achieve your goals