At Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law, we understand that dealing with elder law related legal issues can be a complex and emotional process. Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step of the journey, ensuring that you receive the support and expertise you need during this challenging time. When you choose to work with us, here’s what you can expect:

Personalized Consultation

We believe in the importance of understanding your unique situation. When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and gain a thorough understanding of the details surrounding the matter. This initial meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know you and tailor our approach to best serve your needs.


Expert Guidance

Navigating the legal system can be intricate and overwhelming. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys will provide you with clear explanations of the legal procedures and requirements involved in your specific matter. We will help you make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances, providing you with the guidance necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.


Customized Strategy

Every case is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. After assessing your situation, we will develop a personalized legal strategy that aligns with your goals and priorities. Our aim is to streamline the process while ensuring your interests are safeguarded.


Timely Updates

We understand that you want to stay informed about the progress of your case. Our team is committed to providing you with regular updates regarding any developments, milestones, or changes in your matter. Communication is a cornerstone of our client service, and we will always keep you in the loop.


Compassionate Support

Dealing with matters related to elder law often involves sensitive and emotional aspects. Our team approaches every case with compassion and empathy, recognizing the emotional toll such situations can take.


Efficient Resolution

We understand that legal matters can be time sensitive. Our team is dedicated to working diligently to ensure that your case is resolved as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism. We never let a case languish and are always working to advance your cause.

Clear Fee Structure

Transparency is important to us. Before we embark on any legal work, we will provide you with a clear understanding of our fee structure and the costs associated with your matter. We believe that open communication about fees is essential to building trust and maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship.



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