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What to Bring

As part of our process, we ask our clients to bring the following with them:

  1. The name, address, and loan ID number for your mortgage company (if any)

  2. The name, address, and policy number for your homeowner’s insurance company

  3. The name, address, and account number(s) for any financial accounts you want to transfer into your trust or that you need to update payable on death designations on. Including:

    1. Checking

    2. Savings

    3. CDs

    4. Money Market

    5. Annuities

    6. 401ks

    7. IRAs

    8. Life insurance policies

    9. Brokerage Accounts

If hired as your estate planning firm, we will prepare letters from you addressed to these account holders requesting that the ownership be changed, or the beneficiaries are updated. It is important to note that, to protect your confidentiality, we are not allowed to speak with your financial firm(s) unless we have a financial power of attorney on file with them. Thus, while we can give some general guidance, we cannot ensure that all accounts will be titled correctly. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to follow through and ensure this occurs.

  1. Name, address, SSN, and date of birth of any beneficiaries you want to be added to a will or trust.

  2. Vehicle titles if you wish us to help title the vehicles into a trust.

  3. Copies of deeds for any properties you wish us to transfer ownership into a trust.

  4. Copies of existing estate planning documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.)