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Our History

In 2014, our founding member Joseph Markell noticed an underserved demographic in St. Charles County, Missouri, and the surrounding area. People with high and very high net worth were going to large law firms and paying tens of thousands of dollars for proper estate planning. For a time before graduating law school, Mr. Markell worked at one of these “marble column” firms. However, with St. Charles County experiencing more growth than any other county in the State, there was a definite need for more average income households to have this service as well. Additionally, people who could not pay a large firm $10,000 or more for an estate plan were losing that much or more to prolonged probate administration and other associated costs. The biggest problem was that many people did not know about the need for proper estate planning until they experienced a death in their family and it was too late. He saw too many families learn a difficult and expensive lesson about how much simpler and more cost-effective things could have been if their loved one had a proper estate plan in place.

With these facts in mind, Joseph Markell founded Markell Estate Planning & Elder Law. By building the firm from the ground up and focusing only on estate planning and elder law, Mr. Markell was able to streamline the firm’s internal process from start to finish, creating a better overall experience for clients at a much more affordable rate. Our firm has a heavy emphasis on technology and the agility to adapt to changing client demands quickly. We frequently adapt to client’s needs in ways that larger firms are simply not able to because they are bureaucratic and entrenched in their ways. We focus most of our marketing efforts on educating the community about the need for proper estate planning and never use hard sales pitches. This model has served us well. In 2019, the firm expanded its operations and community outreach departments. Now in our seventh year, we are still steadily growing. Contact us today to let us show you how we are different from other firms and how we can assist you with all of your estate planning needs.