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Make Sure Your Beneficiary Designations Match Your Estate Plan

Many types of property and investments pass outside of probate and allow you to designate who will receive them after your death. It is important that these designations are kept up to date and are consistent with the rest of your estate plan. 

8 Tips for Having ‘The Talk’ with Elderly Parents

Talking about estate planning is a difficult, emotional topic but it’s essential for every family.  These eight tips can help you discuss the hard topics thoroughly and respectfully and prepare you for the road ahead.

What is Probate?

If you live in Missouri and you die without an estate plan, your estate will go through the probate court. From there, the court will order that your debts be paid and that your assets be distributed in a way that has been determined by the state of Missouri. You have no control over this … Continued

What to Look for in an Estate Planning Firm

If you are like many people, you’re probably shopping around locally, looking for someone to take care of your estate planning needs, or eldercare needs for one of your parents. This can be an overwhelming process. Here are a few questions to ask: What areas of law does the firm practice? Do they just do … Continued

Trust, or Will?

Which is better, a will or a trust? In the unfortunate event that you pass away or become incapacitated, you will need to allocate your assets and belongings to loved ones. There are times that a will can cause lengthy legal proceedings, as you may need to file a petition to the probate court. If … Continued

Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future

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Our goal is to leave you feeling more secure about your future